Random Fact #314

31 Mar

Flamingos are naturally white. They get their pink coloring from the food they eat (such as shrimp if they are in the wild). Zoo flamingos are often given feed that has food coloring added to it.

I don’t know that this is actually the 314th random fact that I know. I just thought it sounded cooler that way.

I am full of random facts thanks to my one summer of teaching an art class to five-year-olds. When it came time for their nap, they always wanted to hear a story. The only reading material that was available in the room was National Geographic. It put them right to sleep, but it filled me with all kinds of tidbits of information that I have carried around with me, like the aforementioned flamingo fact.

I’ll probably share some others in future blog posts. In the meantime, enjoy the pretty picture of the Florida flamingos. And should you be on Jeopardy and asked about their pink coloring, well, just make sure you give props to me…well, and National Geographic, of course.


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