You Know What Is Good On A Thursday Night? Ice cream.

7 Apr

Do you remember a few years back a show starring Anne Hecht called “Men In Trees?” The Sheriff of the town used a light box to emulate the sun’s rays since they didn’t get a lot of that in Alaska.

Since the first official day of Spring, I can count on one hand the number of days we’ve had sunshine. And it really is bringing people down. Everyone seems a little bit cranky standing in the grocery line, they are impatient at stop signs and nobody is wearing short sleeves.

I was thinking too bad light boxes weren’t available at every corner. Then, folks could get a little pick me up.  But then, I found something even better.

A mom-and-pop ice cream store with four lines of people waiting in the 40 degree weather to get some creamy goodness.

I had passed by it the other day and saw that the flavor of the month was soft serve mint ice cream. Yum. So I stopped the car, got out in the chilly weather and waited to get my cone.

It was like I was on a different planet. People were talking, smiling and laughing. They were trying to decide if they wanted sprinkles or hot fudge. If they were going to be good and only get a small size or splurge and get a large with extra whipped cream. Some folks stood there and ate their ice cream, while others ran back to the warmth of their cars but not one single person was grumpy or in a sour mood. Spring had arrived for them and it was in the form of cones, sundaes and milkshakes.

As I enjoyed my ice cream, I started to think about all the exciting things that are to come once it warms up.

My irises will bloom.
The vines on my latticework will form grapes.
I’ll be able to dine al fresco on the patio furniture.

And suddenly Spring started to feel like Christmas. I was going to have to wait for it, but once I unwrap that bow, I am going to throughly enjoy the gift inside.


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