Random Fact #219

8 Apr

So I promised to do some more random facts of things I learned one summer while reading National Geographic to five-year-olds who wanted a story before they took a nap.

So here goes…

Armadillos can swim. Despite having a tank body they are able to fill their stomachs with air and float/doggy paddle. They can also hold their breath for up to six minutes allowing them to go to the bottom and use their claws to help them walk across the bed of water.

They also can jump three to four feet in the air when startled which sometimes helps in scaring off other predators. And despite the myth that they get run over because  they are so slow, what actually happens is that they get startled and jump into moving vehicle. Then, they get run over by all the other cars.

I guess technically that’s two random facts, but I like to clump it together as my one armadillo fact.

Happy Weekend!


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