I Didn’t Know You Could Get That At The Library

27 Apr

I heart books in a big bad way. I love them in hard back, paper back and electronically on my Kindle. And last year I decided I liked them on loan. I got my library card with the thought that I didn’t need to own EVERY book I wanted to read. Sometimes it’s good to just check it out and give it back.

So today I headed over to the library to check out a few books for research purposes. On my way to the front desk, I spied some paintings in several bins. Upon closer examination, I found original water colors, framed posters and re-creations of master pieces. 

I asked the librarian if you could check them out like you do books and guess what? YOU CAN! They are available for 28 days with two renewals which means basically every three months I could have new art work hanging on my walls. They even come in a handy plastic bag to carry it back and forth from your home.

It would ideal if you are trying to stage your house for selling. There were certainly enough “neutral” pieces that would work. You could have paintings for every season or gather all the movie posters for a fun themed party.

Oh the possibilities! And the best part–doesn’t cost a dime.

Well, unless you don’t return it.

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