21 Jun

Last Friday, Dave Zinczenko (Editor-in-Chief of Men’s Health & Women’s Health and author of Eat This, Not That! series) tweeted this:

“WHAT WINNERS KNOW: The 1st rule of work/life balance: Sometimes you get more power when you completely unplug.”

Oh the timing of that tweet was spot on. It had been a particularly stressful week and I was just at that point. You know the one, where you either want to climb to the top of the mountain and scream or just dig a hole, crawl in it and hope to come out next spring.

The sea lions at Pier 39 in San Francisco unplug daily.

Fortunately, I did neither.

The weather was in the low 80’s with a cool breeze and I went to the beach all day on Saturday. There is nothing like a beautiful beach day to revive you. When all you have to do is remember to put on sun tan lotion and then the rest of the day’s decisions are no more trying than should I read my book or roll over and take a nap. Then you take a dip in the water, reapply the lotion and repeat aforementioned dilemmas.

And if that wasn’t enough to relax me, you know what I did on Sunday? I floated on a raft all day in my pool. That’s right. No house work. No yard work. No paying bills. Just complete relaxation on a $5.00 blow up raft. There was of course, applying of the sun tan lotion (I’m a pale redhead so that occurs often with me in the sun). But I am happy to report I went from ghost white to ecru this weekend.

The big bonus of Sunday’s day of recharging was the cute pool boy who brought me margaritas, snake bites and a bowl full of cherries.

Now what gal couldn’t unplug after a weekend like that?


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