DIY How to Make A Watch Pendant Necklace Tutorial

25 Jan

There are times when I see something and I just buy it. And there are times when I see something and I think “I can make that.” This was one of those times.

It was actually about two years ago. I saw the In Good Time Necklace on the Anthropologie website. I thought it was a unique way to wear a watch since I don’t really like the feel of a watch on my wrist.

I picked up the sparkly pendant when I saw a pretty tulip shaped one on sale.

When I would go out antique browsing, I would keep an eye out for a small watch face. I didn’t find any until this past fall when I picked up a delicate little number up for $2. Suddenly I was back in business for this DIY project.

I estimate the entire project cost me less than $3. It doesn’t appear that Anthropologie carries it anymore, but at the time, the pendant cost $58.

The image to the left is the In Good Time Necklace from Anthropologie. The image above is the one I created using theirs for inspiration.

The beautiful thing about this time piece is that it can be dressed up or down. It’s stylish and vintage and cool-looking all wrapped into one accessory that is fun, flirty and practical.

So here are the steps I used to create my watch pendant necklace:

1) Gather supplies: watch, two gold jump rings and sparkly pendant.

2) Remove the watch band. Mine actually had little clasps that opened near the watch face which made this a very simple process.

3) Add a jump ring to the top and bottom of the face.

4) Now it was time to attach the sparkly tulip shaped bauble. And then I realized it didn’t have anything I could attach it to. Oof! But wait! I had a small bead and some transite (clear cord).

5) I put the cord through the bead and pulled it through the opening of the bottom of the tulip. Then I tied it onto the jump ring on the bottom of the watch. Yes! Problem solved!

And that was it. My Anthropologie inspired watch pendant was complete.

The last thing I did was string it on a chain I already had. Viola!

Happy Moment of the Day: Creating a little collage of the things that inspired this design.


One Response to “DIY How to Make A Watch Pendant Necklace Tutorial”

  1. David August 30, 2016 at 4:55 pm #

    I want to take the watch’s innards out and replace with polymer clay and gemstones. I’m having trouble opening the watch due to visual issues.. I have four to disassemble and all are different. Any tips?

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