5 Essential Foundation Beauty Products

30 May

I don’t just love make-up. I ADORE it!

Since the age of 14 when my mother let me wear lip gloss and a teeny bit of eye shadow, I’ve been hooked. I wear it all–drugstore and designer brands. I have my tried and true products and then I also experiment. With the exception of anything in yellow, I’ve probably wore every other color on my eyes, my cheeks, my lips or my nails.

I’ve always been good about moisturizing. It’s the one thing that everyone can do with any product of their choosing and it makes a big, big difference. Especially when it comes to your hands, because ladies, we all know that the way to tell a woman’s real age is by looking at her hands.

But make-up is the icing on the cake. And what really makes icing look divine is the solid foundation of cake beneath it. A few months ago I decided to make sure my foundation was in good order. I’m not talking about the make-up, but rather my skin. 

And I’ve noticed by pampering my skin that, not only does it look better, but so does all that fabulous make-up I love to put on. Here’s my five essential foundation beauty products:

1.  A-D-E Creamy Cleanser from Earth Science. This creamy cleanser goes on smooth, smells great and leaves your skin feeling soft. It can be purchased online. I picked up mine at Whole Foods.

2. After I read the article on Birchbox in the May issue of Matchbook Magazine, I decided to check out their site. They were offering a discount so I used it to buy Jurlique Rose Love Balm. WOW! Not only does it make your lips (or elbows or knees or any dry patch) feel smooth, but it smells beautiful.

3. Back in December, I believe, I picked up some eyeliner from Clinique. In my Bonus Day bag was a small round container of moisturizer. I have lots of them so I put it in my drawer of goodies and forgot about it. When I was packing for my trip to Antigua, I wanted a travel size moisturizer so I threw the Clinique one in my bag and off I went. YOWZA! The stuff goes on like butter (but in a non-greasy good way). The first thing I did upon my return was pick up the full size version of Moisture Surge Intense Skin Fortifying Hydrator. And as luck would have it, it was Bonus Days again so I received more goodies.

4. Mario Badescu. If you haven’t tried his products. Run, don’t walk to get them. The more products I try the more I love his line. It was hard to narrow it down to just one for this list, but I’m going with Glycolic Eye Cream. I originally scored this jar of amazement from a sale on Gilt. This is the first eye product I’ve used that when I wake-up in the morning, I actually look refreshed. You can purchase it online. Look for another flash sale with Gilt. Or get most of his line at your local Ulta store.

5. And of course, none of these products would work as fabulous as they do without a good night’s sleep. There is only thing that can get me to relax, rest my mind and get in a full eight hours of Zz’s and that’s Bath & Body Works Lavender Vanilla Aromatherpy Body Lotion. I use one pump to slather my hands (remember we’re trying to make them look marvelous, too) and then I gently massage my temples. And that’s it. Within minutes I’m off to dream land.

So those are my favorites. What are yours?


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