When In Rome…Enjoy the Moment When You Travel

28 Aug


Growing up my mother used to say “Enjoy the Moment.”

I’m pretty sure this was just her way of getting me to sit still. It allowed her to get a few more things done without me fussing about wanting to do something else.

But as I grew up and began to travel, those three little words stuck with me. And it has become my traveling mantra. I don’t wish myself somewhere else. I don’t compare the local pasta dish to my favorite Italian restaurant back home. I don’t wonder why they don’t do things the way we do them in America. I simply enjoy the moment.

So when my mother recently returned from a trip to Key West and I asked, “So how was it?” Her answer had me shaking my head.

She began by telling me this…

Grand Cayman

“I told my travel companions that my daughter has traveled the world and she always tells me to enjoy a place for what it is, not what I want it to be.”

And then she went on to tell me how hot it was (she lives in the South, she knows hot and she went to Key West in AUGUST!) Restaurants didn’t have air conditioning everything was open (um, hello, you’re in a beachy environment, I’d be more upset if things were all closed up). She got bored (one cannot possible be bored when exploring new lands).

I buried my face in my hands as she ended with saying “so it was really good to get home.”

Clearly, she didn’t enjoy the moment.

Oh Mom…

San Francisco

The most wonderful thing about traveling is getting to explore the unknown. Food you don’t normally eat. Activities you wouldn’t normally partake in. Sharing a laugh with new friends you made simply because you said “hello”. 

So as you set out for your Labor Day weekend travels, grab the local paper and see what the town has to offer in the way of activities. Staying at a B&B? Ask your host/hostess where they go when they want to kick back and enjoy a good meal. Spending time with family or friends? Ask them about their farmers market. What better way to say thank you than creating a meal for them with local produce. Get outside and enjoy the fresh air by hiking a trail or strolling through the arts festival. Take time to stop and smell the roses.


See the roses.

Stop and smell them. 

You’ll be glad you did.


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