The Yummiest and Easiest Apple Pie Recipe

16 Oct

This is the easiest and yummiest apple pie recipe you will ever try. Most of ingredients you probably have in your pantry right now. If you live in an area where you can go apple picking—DO IT! Nothing like the taste of homemade pie made from apples you picked fresh.

A few years ago I went apple picking at Longmeadow Farm and they handed out a small booklet of recipes. This one is called “Grandmom’s Apple Pie”…so you know it’s gonna be good.

Here’s what you’ll need:

♥ 5 to 6 cooking apples (Rome apples are a good choice – I used Cameo apples this time)

♥ 3/4 cup sugar

♥ 3 Tbs corn starch

♥ 2 Tbs lemon juice (you can get this amount from two freshly squeezed lemons)

♥ 3 Tbs cinnamon

♥ 1/4 tsp nutmeg

♥ 3 Tbs butter

♥ dash of salt

♥ 2 pie crusts (top and bottom – I use Pillsbury pre-made – you can find them in refrigerated section of grocery store)

♥ 9-inch pie plate (you can find aluminum ones at grocery store, Wal-Mart or Target)


Step 1: Preheat oven to 425.

Step 2: If using Pillsbury Pie crusts, remove from fridge so crusts have 15 minutes at room temperature.

Step 3: Peel and slice apples.

Step 4: Put apples in bowl, add lemon juice and toss. (Tip: roll lemons back & forth before cutting to get the most juice from your lemons).

Step 5: Press bottom pie crust into pie plate. Trim off excess dough around edges. Sprinkle some of the sugar, 1 Tbs of cinnamon and 1 Tbs of corn starch in bottom of crust.

Step 6: Put half of the apple slices in crust.

Step 7: Add half of sugar, 1 Tbs of cinnamon, half of the nutmeg and 1 Tbs of corn starch.

Step 8: Repeat layering of apples, sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg and corn starch.

Step 9: Apples will pile high in pie crust. Dot with butter. Add dash of salt.

Step 10: Top apples with second crust. Seal crust. Cut vents in top.

Step 11: For easy clean-up, put aluminum foil over a cookie sheet. Put pie on cookie sheet and bake 50 to 60 minutes or until done.

Step 12: Serve pie with a scoop of ice cream (pumpkin ice cream is particularly good).


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