A Little Halloween DIY During Hurricane Sandy Frankenstorm

29 Oct

So nothing like being stuck indoors to get the creative juices flowing. As we got ready for Hurricane Sandy and the great Frankenstorm to arrive, I broke out some stuff to get a little DIY Halloween going.

I had wanted to get a paper mache pumpkin, but Michael’s only had skulls. Turns out to be a good thing, because I had the coolest tissue paper from “Lucky Bones Backwater Grille” in Cape May, NJ.

Paper mache skull
Tissue paper
Mod Podge (I used gloss-lustre)
Sponge brush
Wax Paper

I used the wax paper to keep my project from being glued to table. You could also use a grocery bag.

Begin by ripping pieces of tissue paper into various sizes. I wanted parts of their super cool logo to show (it’s of a lady wearing a BIG striped hat) so I ripped those out first and then used remaining paper to help cover skull.

Don’t be shy on using the glue. You wants lots and lots to hold the paper in place.

I started around the front of the face because I needed to fold paper into those holes. This is where the scissors come in handy. I used the tip to push paper in behind eyes, nose and cheeks.

The only two places I wanted to make sure to have specific pieces was at the top of the head (so you can clearly see their logo).  And I used the red part of their logo (which says Cape May, NJ) to highlight the mouth.

Other than that, I just randomly ripped pieces of tissue paper up and glued it to the skull. BTW, using tissue paper is super easy to glue to paper mache sculpture and also to yourself. Plan to have to remove some tissue paper from your hands.


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