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OMG ~ I Think I Just Discovered I May Be Color Shy

18 Nov

I recently purchased a new (old) house. And with the exception of the kitchen (a dark neutral) and the powder room (a soft red), I pretty much hate all the wall colors. There is a lot of yellow going on *shivers* and, even if I didn’t hate the paint colors, there are nail holes so big they should be called craters, so  I have to spackle and repaint anyway.

Ask anyone that has ever come to visit me in one of my many abodes and they will tell you I’m not color shy (save, that dreaded yellow). I’m a big fan of every room deserves its own color and, if the entire house isn’t of one palette, oh well. I want my rooms to evoke a mood.

I’ve never been one to follow the leader and do as the masses. On the contrary, I pride myself on marching to the tune of a different drummer.

Despite needing to spackle and repaint so many rooms, I decided I needed to run out and get paint for the front door. Interestingly, this was my first endeavor into the front door painting arena. I didn’t think much about it. Although  I suppose considerable thought should be given to it as it’s the first impression guests have of your house. And the new neighbors will get a sense of who I am when they see that door color change.

Click on the door to open a wonderful article from Better Homes and Gardens to "Refresh Your Front Entry"

Click on the door to open a wonderful article from Better Homes and Gardens to “Refresh Your Front Entry”

So I did, what I thought, was the most sensible thing—I bought red paint for the front door.

Not a bad plan. After all, red doors are classic. Red doors are inviting. Red doors are the most common color for front doors.

And then it hit me—–I’m color shy when it comes to my front door.

Now, I know red is a color and some consider it a bold color so how can I say I’m color shy? Because when I looked at my Pinterest design board, I had pinned a whole bunch o’ doors that were — you guessed it — not red.

There are lime green doors and purple doors and turquoise blue doors trimmed in orange.

Clearly, I like a non-traditional door color and, yet, what did I go and do?

Went old school red.


Well…it’s only paint color and meant to be changed.

So I think the plan will be to paint it red. I rushed out to buy it after all so I might as well go for it.  Plus, red is nice for the holidays. My green Christmas wreath is going to look bitchin’ on it.

And, who knows, when spring rolls around, maybe fushia might speak to me.

Trying to figure out what color would look good on your front door? Check out this short video where Carter Oosterhouse suggests a brilliant plan for trying out different colors on your front door before committing to one.


Lip Copy

16 Jun

Yesterday I stumbled upon Eccentric Owl’s blog page. It was a May 30, 2011 post where she demonstrated an easy eye make-up technique she uses daily. It’s a quick and fun little video and she is wearing the most amazing shade of lipstick!

So I wrote to her and asked if she wouldn’t mind sharing the name of it as well as the company that makes it.

Turns out it’s her natural lip color! Lucky Girl!

She said she had been looking for a similar color for a while and would pass along the info if she happened upon it. Which got me to thinking—-why don’t make-up companies do what home improvement companies have been doing for a while now. And that’s color matching!

Got a chip on that old dresser your mother gave to you? No problem. All you need is a small sample of that paint and they can’t match that particular shade you mother used back in 1983. Have a favorite burnt orange scarf that you think would make the most amazing shade for your dining room? No problem. Take that scarf in, they’ll scan it and voila you have coordinating walls to go with that accessory.

So why then can’t make-up companies do this same thing? You could take your favorite shoes, cloth napkin or in this case, your own lips, get it scanned and then have lipstick, nail polish, eye shadow, blush, mascara made from it.

I don’t think this sort of thing exists. If it does, please let me know where because I have a gorgeous Kate Spade purse in red that would make the best lipstick EVER!