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Pin Me ~ Week Nine ~ from my Exercise Board

14 Mar

stretchSo my Sweetheart and I got a four-month gym membership back in January. We did this because, once the weather gets nice, we prefer to walk our furry ones and ride bicycles.

I’ve been doing the typical treadmill routine and Zumba classes which I adore! Nothing like dancing around for an hour, burning calories, and when it’s over, you say “Wait. What? How can the class be done?” That’s my kind of exercise.

I hurt my ankle a couple of weeks ago so I’ve not been so gym oriented as I would like.

So I decided to hop on over to my Exercise Board and see what I could do in the way of exercise that wouldn’t make my ankle hurt.

The description under this Pin said:  If you sit in front of keyboard all day, you should start doing an exercise called the wall slide immediately. Why? Because it helps to stretch out your neck, shoulders & back

Bingo! This was the one to try.

Opened up the video and this guy is describing what you do. Head, shoulders and butt against the wall. Arms out to the side in a “W” shape. Slowly move them up the wall.

This was going to be a breeze. Easy. No worries.

Oh. My. Gawd.

I had no idea that my shoulders, back and neck were so tight until I did this. Holy Moley. It hurt, but in that stretchy kinda of way that if I kept doing it, things were going to feel better.

If you work in front of a computer all day, you must do this exercise. ‘Nuff said.

Happy Thang: Al l the Tex-Mex I ate last weekend.


Yes I Do Believe One More Organizational Magazine Will Help The Clutter

5 Apr

There are areas of my house that I absolutely excel in organizing and there are others that are in desperate need of help.

For instance, my nail polish drawer I would get an A+. I only keep bottles that aren’t goopy, where the color is still relevant and if I want to add a new bottle, I have to throw one away. This makes for a very neat and tidy drawer where I can easily access one of my favorite cosmetic products.

My desk…not so much. And it’s a tiny desk therefore it should remain fairly clutter free. But alas, I am a master at skillfully piling papers, books, pens and even exercise videos on my little work space.

And I know why I do it. It’s my desk. It’s the place where I write. It’s the place where I pay my bills. It’s the place where all my important stuff goes because, if it is on the desk, then I will certainly give it the attention it deserves. That is, if I can find it, without disturbing the not-so-important-stuff-at-this-moment-but-I-will-eventually-get-around-to-dealing-with-it-piles.

Sometimes if the piles get too big, I move them to the floor or precariously balance them on my desk chair (which of course, then doesn’t allow me to sit down to deal with said important stuff).

So although I am quite sure I have several organizational magazines in the piles, a few days ago I bought one more. It is the Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Publication. In large letters across the top, it says: “Secrets of Getting Organized”. I knew it! Not everyone is well versed in the ways of organizing an office.  There is a method to the madness and for $6.99, I was going to be privy to this confidential information.

Then it has other inspiring motivators: 
“Sort It, File It, Find It Faster!”
“Cut Clutter In Every Room”
“Simple Solutions From The Pros”
“Get Motivated and Get Started”

Yes! Yes! A thousand times Yes! That is exactly what I want to do. So I came home and proceeded to do everything but take the magazine out of my bag.

Then I thought this afternoon, you are already into the first week of April. If you don’t spring clean now, it will be May and the weather will be fabulous and you will want to be outside riding your bicycle or lounging on the porch swing reading a good book.

And so, I retrieved the magazine from my bag and read the first article which talks about getting organized in four easy steps. This I can handle. This I can do. Please tell me good magazine what those four steps to blissful tidying entail:

  • Step 1: Plan and Empty – Schedule time to organize and then get boxes ready for items to keep, donate, sell, recycle, shred or throw away.
  • Step 2: Sort – Make quick decisions on items. If you haven’t used it in a year, then time to pass it on.
  • Step 3: Shop – Measure your space, define your organizational style and then go buy items that will help you stay clutter free.
  • Step 4: Reassemble – Take time to live with your new area sans piles before putting it all back together.

So now I have a game plan. I’m taking the next hour to tackle my desk. I’m not sure who will come out on top, but if you don’t hear from me tomorrow, be sure to look under one of the piles.