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Some Ideas For A Lovely Weekend

1 Jun

In the tradition of Sark and the others that have followed, here are a few of my ideas for having a lovely weekend. Hope your weekend is just that.

9 Things to Do On a Rainy Day

16 May

We’ve had so many rainy days these last couple of weeks that when the weatherman said two days of solid rain, I thought “oh joy”. BUT, then this is spring rain that brings May flowers and green! green! green! My backyard reminds me of the time I spent traveling in Ireland that’s just how GREEN the rain has made everything today.

Here’s some rainy day ideas:

1. Put on some really (and I mean really) upbeat music and dance wildly around your house.

2. Curl up under a warm blanket with a GOOD book.

3. Make a cup of coffee or tea and watch the drops fall and think of nothing at all. Great stress reliever!

4. Take a “cat nap” with your cat, dog, fish, chincilla, snake (err…ok, maybe not that last one).

5. Visit a museum.

6. Drag out those boxes of pictures you are going to put in an album or scrap book one of these days. Smile and laugh at the memories.

7. Clean your closet. You know you need to do it. And a rainy day means you won’t be tempted to go play in the sunshine.

8. Shop online! Especially on Etsy where you can support the endeavors of artists worldwide.

9. Write a letter to a friend or family member. An actual letter. Not an email, not a text, not a sticky note. Get out some paper or a card and grab a pen. Getting a letter in the mail is a thrilling experience.

What do you like to do on rainy days?

Happy Moment of the Day: In honor of today’s launch of Endeavour, Flutes From Space http://www.nasa.gov/multimedia/videogallery/index.html?media_id=61427791