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Pin Me ~ Week Eight ~ from my Nifty Ideas Board

3 Mar

Can’t believe I’m already to week eight of my Pin Me project ~ 52 weeks of actually doing something with my Pins. For this week, I selected a pin from my Nifty Ideas board.

Not only am I a seller on Etsy, but I’m a pretty active buyer as well. So it’s really no surprise that I would have pinned a fellow Etsyian’s wares. What might be surprising is that I pinned a purse, because I sew, and more specifically, I sew purses.

But sometimes, even when you can make it, it’s fun to just buy it.

Santa brought me an iPad mini for Christmas. I love it for so many reasons, but near the very top is that it’s small enough to fit into my purse. Which got me to thinking that maybe the mini deserved a purse all its own.

Enter in Angela Kay Designs.

I had originally pinned this design thinking I would use it to carry my Kindle. Turns out it’s a two-fer: Kindle or iPad mini, either fits beautifully’

What I’m really tickled about is that I was able to get the actual design I pinned. She has so many to choose from, but I loved this one best.

And ladies, let me tell ya, the pictures don’t do this justice.

ADORABLE fabric inside and out. Fits the Kindle and the iPad mini like a glove. And that closure! So chic and charming.

As someone who sews, I can definitely tell you that Angela’s work is top rate. She has nice stitches and beautiful finished edges.

I believe a woman can never have too many shoes or purses. Am I right?

Happy Thang: Watching my 15 fish happily swim around their tank while I type this blog post.


10 Things I Can’t Live Without

28 Sep

I am a list maker.

I have lists for my lists. Usually, the lists contain all the things I need to do, have to do, must do and am afraid I will forget to do. On the rare occasion, my list will include something fun such as picking up material for a new purse idea.

Tonight as I was washing my hair and running through tomorrow’s list o’ things, I felt inspired to create a fun list. A list of little things that I enjoy. So here goes (in no particular order) the things I couldn’t live without (aka the things that would have to be with me on a deserted island):

1. My furry and scaly family members.

2. My man.*

3. Books. Lots and lots and lots of books.

4. My morning coffee.

5. Just for Redheads lipstick in “Enchanting”.

6. Nail polish.

7. Fabulous, sparkly, flip-flops in multiple colors (no yellow).

8. Kate Spade purse(s).

9. My electronics including iPod Nano, netbook and Kindle.

10. Traveling the world.

I realize that some of these things require electricity so naturally I would have to be stranded on an island that had some provisions (one of which would have to be a runway so I could take a plane to travel the world).

*If I were putting this list in order, my man would come first, but I put him second on the list to see if he reads today’s blog post <insert evil grin here>.

Happy Moment of the Day: Pumpkin spice latte and pumpkin scone at Starbucks for lunch yesterday. Still thinking about that devilish good lunch.