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Pin Me ~ Week Nine ~ from my Exercise Board

14 Mar

stretchSo my Sweetheart and I got a four-month gym membership back in January. We did this because, once the weather gets nice, we prefer to walk our furry ones and ride bicycles.

I’ve been doing the typical treadmill routine and Zumba classes which I adore! Nothing like dancing around for an hour, burning calories, and when it’s over, you say “Wait. What? How can the class be done?” That’s my kind of exercise.

I hurt my ankle a couple of weeks ago so I’ve not been so gym oriented as I would like.

So I decided to hop on over to my Exercise Board and see what I could do in the way of exercise that wouldn’t make my ankle hurt.

The description under this Pin said:  If you sit in front of keyboard all day, you should start doing an exercise called the wall slide immediately. Why? Because it helps to stretch out your neck, shoulders & back

Bingo! This was the one to try.

Opened up the video and this guy is describing what you do. Head, shoulders and butt against the wall. Arms out to the side in a “W” shape. Slowly move them up the wall.

This was going to be a breeze. Easy. No worries.

Oh. My. Gawd.

I had no idea that my shoulders, back and neck were so tight until I did this. Holy Moley. It hurt, but in that stretchy kinda of way that if I kept doing it, things were going to feel better.

If you work in front of a computer all day, you must do this exercise. ‘Nuff said.

Happy Thang: Al l the Tex-Mex I ate last weekend.

Organized Cleaning ~ I Hope

16 Jan

So every year I have this sort of unwritten resolution that I will be organized. This usually involves making more lists (you know how I love to cross things off my to-do list) and sometimes folders, color coded pens and decorative boxes or straw baskets.

Then I push the papers, folders and boxes/baskets around and lose all the pens in my purses around late January and I’m back to square one.

Well, I have found all my pens, my folders are in a pile next to my baskets and I’m trying a new technique this year.

I recently read an article where the professional organizer said don’t try to tackle it all in one day. Not even an entire room.


Yes, that’s what she suggested. Give yourself 15 minutes and vow to clear only the desk in the office.

OK. I was listening.gloves

Then, if you have 15 more minutes, do another task. Otherwise, be satisfied with having a clear desk.

This made sense to me.

I started to read other women’s blogs where they talked about not cleaning their entire house in one day. At least half of them didn’t even clean on the weekend. No, my friend, weekends are for fun. They just simply split up the cleaning over the week. Hmmm….

So, I came across a really pretty printable Weekly Cleaning List from A Little Bit of Spain in Iowa’s blog.

I started on Monday. I’m three days for three days of keeping up with my small cleaning jobs. And, not feeling so overwhelmed, I’m adding in little bit of more organizing here and there.

In an effort to not have piles of Weekly Cleaning Lists all around, but wanting to keep a record of what I did, I’m gonna post it on my blog. Here’s this week’s tasks:

Monday: laundry, clean bathroom, dishes, wipe down kitchen countertops

Tuesday: dishes, laundry, wipe down kitchen countertops

Wednesday: dishes, wipe down kitchen counter tops & cabinets, throw out expired food from fridge, laundry, dust living room

Thursday: dust bedroom, dust family room, clear desk of paper, dishes, wipe down kitchen counter tops

Friday: dishes, wipe down kitchen counter tops

Saturday:  recycle magazines, shred papers, laundry, wipe down kitchen counter top, dust guest room

Sunday: water plants, wipe down kitchen counter tops, laundry, clean closet, bag up clothing donation, throw out old make-up

What do you do to keep organized? How do you break down your cleaning tasks?

Happy Thang for today: Going to see Bob Schneider in concert!

OK Winter, I’m Ready for Spring

2 Jan

There is something magical about the holidays being cold. And nothing beats having snow on Christmas morning. But by January 2, I’m ready for spring.

Which is a silly thing as winter is just getting started. salad

I have yet to find fabulous boots but I did score some pretty sweaters for Christmas and I have a plethora of gorgeous scarves and gloves to wear…but…I’m ready to pack it all away in favor of pretty Lilly Pulitzer dresses and coral painted toes.

Rather than wish winter away, I’m going to tackle it with lots of indoor projects that need to get done. Here’s a few that I’ll be digging into this month:

1 – repainting my bathroom door

2 – going through my clothes and making a donation to Good Will

3 – ridding my office of every single pile of papers

4 – editing manuscript

5 – finishing a birthday painting for a friend that is a year over due

It’s only day 2 of the new year, but already I’ve managed to keep stress at bay. I am also going to start eating some of these stress busting foods.

Happy Thang for January 2, 2013: Making an amazingly, delicious salad at Whole Foods (bonus: they had ranch dressing! Whoo-hoo!)