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Is My Writing Style Really Vanilla or White?

28 Jul

So I am two novels into my series and I have gone back to the first one for the 576th edit.

OK, maybe it’s only been 400 times I’ve edited but if you write, you know what I am talking about. The endless days/nights of:  pulling, prodding and picking about each chapter, character and scene.

And it never fails, just when you get one thing finally hashed out to your liking, it inevitably causes two or three other dominoes to fall and then you have to pick up those pieces.  

At any rate, since this was a complete manuscript edit because I had received feedback from a very dear friend who agreed to read it twice and give me her thoughts, I notice a couple o’ things.

In the first third of the novel, my characters loved vanilla. They were drinking vanilla skim lattes, vanilla spice was floating through the air and they were describing their lives as — you guessed it — vanilla.

Interesting since I like chocolate.

Then, in the middle, everyone was fond of the color white. They were wearing white clothes, lighting white candles and decorating their homes in white accessories.

Hmmm….since I like prefer black.

In the final portion, my characters really, well, they pretty much really’d anything. They were really serious, really excited and at one point, really, really, really angry.

I really don’t believe I use that word in my everyday conversations. Really.

Needless to say, my characters started enjoying Carmel lattes, they put on little black dresses and they were happy (just happy, not really happy).

But this got me to thinking…what does this say about me? Do I write in opposition of the things I prefer or do I secretly really desire wafting white candles that smell of vanilla. Perhaps the next time I want chocolate ice cream, I should give vanilla a try, and I bet I can get a white linen skirt for a great price right now. Really!

What does your writing style say about you?

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